Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Spaniards Abroad

While nobody has any idea about how many European foreigners live in Spain (the number is based exclusively on the town hall registries known as el padrón), the number of Spaniards living abroad is also something of a guess. But here, there's no such thing as guesswork. Thus, there are apparently 2,482,808 Spaniards resident outside Spain (according to the bean-counters over at the INE), 3.2% up from a year ago (numbers for January 1st). One has to ask – how much does the Spanish National Statistics Institute cost the tax-payer? Anyhow, quibbles aside, El Huff Post has the information here.  The reality is that a number of these ‘Spaniards’ are in reality children or even grandchildren of Spanish settlers abroad – and many of these have never set foot in Spain in their life.  

20 Minutos, on the same subject (and clearly not admirers of the INE), says there are one million more españoles living outside Spain than there were before the ‘crisis’ began. 

The number of Spaniards currently living in the UK ‘has grown despite Brexit fears’ by (we are told) 10.5%  (the INE again) over the past year to stand today at anywhere between 75,500 and double this figure says El Ibérico here – or to some 200,000 if you prefer El País here).
A popular weekly TV program on Spaniards who live in out-of-the-way places is called Españoles en el Mundo. You can find it here.

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