Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mojácar Ring-road, Part II

The second part of the Mojácar ring-road is now under way - says Almería Hoy - after the Junta ceded land it holds to allow the construction of 2.2kms of road behind the gas station and headed west, beach-wards. Mojácar has prepared 4.5 million euros for the new route, designed to lighten the beach traffic. The route would have been longer at 5.7kms back in 2002, but the ecologists, bless 'em, suddenly remembered the tortoises... So, here we are in 2017.
The other - first - piece of the ring-road takes us east towards La Mata. It has a couple of kinks in it where families apparently wanted to extend their gardens...
Rather more exciting is the version of events that appears in La Voz de Almería, where the first part is the fast gas-station to the Garrucha/Los Gallardos road.  This would mean - and here we quote La Voz - that the second part would be from the gas station to La Marina (out, off beyond the strip), which, looking at a map, is a lot more than 2.2kms away...
On the other hand, 4.5 million is a bunch of money.
You want to know which is for real? I get paid for this?
The plan is that the pressure of solid traffic on the beach during the Mojácar season will be relieved. More probably, with the sterling work being carried out by our tourist department, we will just get even more traffic as our fame spreads and we win even more peculiar prizes.

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