Sunday, 14 May 2017

In Germany, Before the War...

From Europa Press comes an article which begins: 'The Spanish Government has requested an official investigation into the xenophobic attacks perpetrated against Spanish individuals or businesses in the United Kingdom since the referendum in which it was decided to leave the EU (Brexit). The crimes of hate against foreigners have increased since the consultation and, although their main victims have been Polish citizens, there have also been cases that have affected Spaniards...'. The item goes on to mention a Spanish citizen, attacked with a wooden board in the street, after a British yob heard him speaking Spanish.
A Spanish friend comments to me that 'in general, the Spaniards in the UK are young professionals at work, not like the type of drunken Brit that we get here'.
You see how easy it is?


  1. They took their time in asking for an investigation. The assault on Tómas Gil in Poole took place on May 19th last year. The offending thug, Daniel Way, was sentenced: to 12 months in prison, suspended for 15 months.
    also to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and participate in 25 rehabilitation activity days, as well as pay his victim £800.
    It's a shame the sentence was suspended, but he was dealt with by the courts. My Spanish daughter-in-law has not had any problems where she lives in Oxfordshire.
    I absolutely deplore and condemn all racism.
    Comparing a solitary racist attack to prewar Germany couldn't be just a little bit provocative, could it?
    Not exactly kristallnacht was it?

  2. Spaniards who read these items will perhaps respond. Maybe the article in Europa Press is an exaggeration, maybe not. I see plenty of racist attacks reported in the Media. The problem being that these attacks appear to have been largely brought on by the political climate currently in the UK.

  3. When will all foreigners living in the UK have to wear the flag of their country of origin sewn on to their coats?