Thursday, 18 May 2017

Beach-Bar Wars - There's always Vera.

As the beach-bar row in Mojácar intensifies, with the regional TV taking interest (video here), one thing is clear: the Iron Lady is not for changing her mind. A couple of beach-bars in the long run will survive, including the 'treasure island' one known as La Manacá (waaaay down past the Tower), the ubiquitous sore-thumb Mandala and something being cooked up by a local chap down in the Río Abajo; but the others will lose, at the very least, their views and, more likely, part of their concession. The bars in the current round of building the Great Sea Wall will lose around half of their space, so there'll likely be no more lunches or pop concerts.
Tito escaped this in part (and got a nice car-park built next door) but his place was neutered and is now little more than a kiosk with people walking through and past. Not the place to smoke a joint then. Perhaps that will be the lot of the Patio 2000, the Maui and the Cid - to stock beers and ice-creams; maybe the Aku Aku could serve paella to go. Maybe the next round of beach-bars, which will be demolished (the Cava, Dolce Vita and La Pirata) will be able to open something somewhere else - Turre maybe.
As Mojácar's charm crumbles in the face of iconoclastic mediocrity, Vera Playa is looking increasingly attractive. There are a number of beach bars there, including the huge new Lua Puerto Rey (here) and the even larger (at 7,000 metres) Marau 'Beach Club' (here), plus a generous handful of others, with some nudist ones as well.
Those of us who live here and own property have an investment in our town. We would like to think that we had bought wisely. Maybe we did. Maybe we didn't.

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