Tuesday, 21 February 2017

EU Rights for Immigrants and Ex-pats

There are a few groups around that are supporting the rights of the British ex-pats in Spain and the Spaniards in the UK. Not many, but a few. The problem being that we foreigners, whether British here or Spanish there - (or German or French...) - have no voice in the political process. We are often referred to as 'hostages' these days.
What will happen - work-permits, visas, convertible accounts? The loss of health insurance and the vote in local elections? Perhaps deportation?
We managed before the EU, and Spain was a great place to live. Small comfort if things get really bad.
But we don't know, do we? Indeed not. It's a bit like those Britons in the Almanzora Valley who may... or may not... get their house legalised one day. Or maybe demolished.
This is the blog from EuroCitizens (based in Madrid) here and their Facebook page here.
Our local Europats: Representation in Spain page is here and Facebook page here.
Consider - if we don't care, do you think that the politicians will care for us?

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