Monday, 9 April 2018

The Far Right Doesn't Like The German Court Decision

The court in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, released Carles Puigdemont last week after the Spanish plea for arrest and deportation back to Spain for rebellion was deemed to be unacceptable by the Germans.
Queue celebrations in Catalonia, savage disbelief in Madrid.
The far-right radio host Federico Jimenez Losántos went on record on Es.Radio to say that the Germans should know that such a slight would never be forgiven, and he felt that an explosion in the German breweries might be a plan and to remember that Spain has two hundred thousand Germans living in the Balearic Island - possible hostages.
The German courts are now looking at Losantos.
But there was worse to come. An Alt-right newspaper called Alerta Digital, in allusion to the terror attack on a German café in Munster last weekend, lead with a headline that 'Karma exists' (the article was later taken down).
Now we read that a rap artist has made a musical version of Losantos' remarks - in the hope that maybe someone will be arrested for disseminating hatred... (only far-left people get arrested for this, of course, so who knows who0 will carry the can).
And there it was: once again, we all fell out.

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