Friday, 2 February 2018

Padrón News

According to the INE, the statistics agency, Mojácar has been most successful in its culling of the padrón. The figures from 2013 were 8,360 souls. By December 2017, this had shrunk to just 6,630, a fall of 1,730 people in four years. We are now 25% smaller than the next door sea-port of Garrucha (growing and currently at 8,666). The Town Hall has been removing absent, dead and lost people from their lists (most commendable, if slightly unsporting), while failing to encourage new settlers to register. Aren't we selling lots of homes through our real estate offices? Perhaps this remarkable shrinkage of the population is down to the political worry of the foreigners all suddenly waking up and voting for some alternative to our current administration (and its yearning for 'family tourism') in the next local elections.
But fear not - we don't have a champion, and we probably (thanks to Brexit) won't even have the right to vote come May 2019.
Towns get services and funding and licences based on their size. Mojácar now, with less citizens, can expect reductions in money, nurses, teachers and so forth.
As we know, the town shoots up to around 25,000 in the summer, but still with services for just 6,500.
Here, since we are on the subject of populations, is an interactive map taken from Business over Tapas showing every municipality in Spain - its extension and population. Mojácar (at 72 square kilometres) has a density of 88.5 per km2 and an average age of 47.75 years old. 

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