Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Village Politics (Sigh!)

The opposition parties in Mojácar had called for a special plenary session ('pleno extraordinario') which, by law, a town hall must give within fifteen working days. In the event, the pleno was  announced abruptly on Tuesday morning to be held on the same forenoon, a month after the meeting was solicited.
The result was that the opposition parties - PSOE and Somos Mojácar - boycotted the session, leaving the Partido Popular and the non-aligned councillor to sit for a while in stony embarrassment.
The five points were nevertheless raised, read and voted. The first point, to send municipal employment information to the Public Ombudsman was voted one by one by the councillors, beginning with a 'no'... The mayoress apparently said to her colleague, 'you mean 'yes' don't you!'
The other four key points - showing a bit of immaturity from the opposition - were to insist on a Negro to play the part of one of the Three Kings - Baltazar - next year (rather than a Spaniard in blackface) and to ask the Spanish Government to get on their bike and build the AVE line through the province (both voted against); together with the building of a municipal park and an improvement in our local health clinics - both with a 'yes' vote.
Apparently, the whole exercise was worthless and the Mayoress has been reported to the Courts.

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  1. When a woman says no she means yes


    Perhaps not very PC but I thought it might cheer you up