Saturday, 20 January 2018

There's Always Another One...

Spanish, of course, has two genders in its vocabulary, and while the masculine form is used when there is a mixture of the two (we say 'you' rather than 'you and you', or 'vosotros' rather than 'vosotros y vosotras') the easier and accepted form is to just say the word in question once. However, the current crop of 'progressive' politicians like to be more inclusive, and will talk of 'compañeros' and 'compañeras', or even 'andaluces' and 'andaluzas'. Perhaps women appreciate this fine distinction, perhaps they don't. It's not correct Spanish however, according to the Real Academia Española.
Meanwhile, Facua, the aggressive consumers group, has just been warned by the Junta de Andalucía to be careful of its language, and to use ‘non-sexist terms’ as necessary, such as ‘personas consumidoras’ rather than ‘consumidores’, ‘personas usuarias’ rather than ‘usuarios’ and so on, since those shorter and handier terms are masculine generic words.  The indignant consumers group will lose funding if it doesn’t put up its, er, stockings.
The Junta has itself started a new campaign against sexism, which involves telling men not to wolf-whistle at women (in Spain, you don't exactly wolf-whistle, you rather shout a jolly if somewhat lascivious double-entendre at deserving beauties as they pass by on the pavement: this is called a 'piropo' and can be most amusing (...but, wait, what am I saying?)). Men, according to the campaign, are not to behave like pigs. 
But wait, what is this? An eccentric animal-hugging political group called Equo (Rover for President) has seen red, and is calling on the Junta's Instituto de la Mujer to immediately drop the campaign on the principal that pigs don't behave like pigs. 

Later: Someone sent me an item from Valencia, where the  Councilor for Health wants 'pregnant women' to be referred to officially as 'pregnant people' ('personas preñadas') and children as 'criaturas' rather than 'niños'. This offensive idea being not to offend, presumably.

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