Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Property in Almería: Mixed Signals

Sometimes the news is good; sometimes, not so much. Property is the main industry in Mojácar after tourism. The Town Hall evidently prefers tourism to residential ownership - even after the taxes - and spends efforts to bring more visitors to our fair town (and be sure to bring with you your ticket home again).
We have seen how Mojácar has bucked the trend in Almería, actually shrinking in population (thanks to some enthusiastic pruning of the registration figures over at the padrón). No other significant town in the province has shrunk - either due to new home-buyers or to the natural effects of large birth-numbers.
Yet, the Mojácar property agents are selling lots of houses, no?
The local daily says on Tuesday that the number of 'used' homes on the market in Almería City has grown in the past three years by 20%. How about locally - and why won't the Town Hall encourage new settlers - a larger population on the padrón means more licences, more doctors, policemen and teachers, more funding from the National Government.
A huge, swollen population during the summer season only brings money to the hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops - many of which are closed the rest of the year!
This week, the Tourist Office is at FITUR - the giant tourist fair in Madrid. No doubt they'll be returning in triumph with even more tourists.

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