Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Population Trends in Almería

The latest population figures are now available for Almería and her municipalities. Our city, the Big Al, has grown slightly during 2017 from 194,515 to 195,389 souls all included. Other large towns in the province include El Ejido at 88,096 and Roquetas de Mar with 93,393. There are in all 704,297 people registered as living in the province of Almería.
Some of the smaller inland villages are shrinking as people move to the cities in search of work. The smallest municipality is Benitagla (pictured) with just 66 inhabitants left on the records. No one knows what to do to reverse this trend (yeah, really!).
One town that has shrunk in size by a modest 160 souls (2.5%) in the past twelve months - despite glowing reports of sales to foreigners - is Mojácar (thanks in part to an adjustment in the padrón). We are now 6,330 inhabitants, which is over two thousand less than the population of the next door town of Garrucha (8,666).
All the municipalities are here.

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  1. Near us is a village called Beniyaya which had at one time 19 people living there permanently - at weekends the children and grandchildren dropped by. The youngest woman, called La Chicita, was 55. However, of recent years quite a few guiris have dropped in, lured by the cheap derelict houses. Now there are officially 161 people living there