Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Mojácar: The Fabled Resort

The report from Mojácar's presence at FITUR has now been sent out and we are told by our Press Office that all is doing splendidly.
We have opened fresh markets at the Madrid tourist fair, meaning that all is in line for even more visitors. The report says: '...It is worth highlighting those carried out with British tour operators, which have shown the consolidation of the growth of this market, which continues to incorporate new Mojácar hotel establishments into our travel offer, contracting a growing number of hotel beds and guaranteeing thousands of tourists for the destination from May to October.The tour operation market opens this year to new markets such as Ireland and Scotland, with increased flights to the province...'. 
If that isn't enough to set our pulses racing, '...we can expect an increase in visitors to our area in 2018'.
The press release also notes how visitors treasure not only 'sol y playa', but also our sporting offers and, above all, for Mojácar's new policy of encouraging and attracting 'family tourism' (Mojácar is the first resort in the whole of Andalucía to receive the Seal of Quality from the National Federation of Large Families).
So frankly, who needs beach bars?
Finally, the note speaks of Mojácar's donation of two Golden Indalos each year to worthy people who have promoted the resort (they even gave one, after a huge popular petition, to a Brit living in Mojácar a few years ago: Bob Jones). This year, after 25 years and no more ideas, they have decided to give the Indalos to (drumroll) er, the City of Mojácar (at some still undecided date).
Following the fair in Madrid's closure, our energetic tourist councillor flew to Belgium to visit the Vellofolie Fair, and to bring back some more cyclists, some of whom will participate in the 'Grand Fondo Costa de Almería': a cycle race which sets out from Mojácar (May 26th). The webpage for this event says: 'It is written in the stars: Mojacar has got to be on the bucket list of grand fondos for cycle tourists!'.
With all of this effort put in to bringing visitors to Mojácar - at least 'from May to October' - it is plain to see why the town does not spend much time on attracting 'residential tourism' (as the Spanish like to call foreign home-owners). Indeed, despite any reported increase in house-sales locally, the padrón (town hall population register) fell last year by 160 souls.

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