Saturday, 13 January 2018

Almería Airport Hits the Million Mark

The Almería airport in El Alquian has announced it had over a million passengers in 2017 - the first time it has hit the mark since the 'crisis' began in 2008. The last million recorded there was back in 2007, and visitor numbers fell from that high (round about when they started extending the size of the terminal in the anticipation that the good times would never end). Just two years ago, the number of passengers was only at 700,000.
With Spain beating its record number of foreign visitors in 2017 - with 82.5 million of them - Almería will no doubt continue to grow. How many of those visitors will come to Mojácar? That's what our tourist office is valiantly trying to build on at the FITUR international travel fair held in Madrid from Wednesday.

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