Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Water in Short Supply

Almería has always had water, sort of, with underground rivers flowing from the high sierras. We have a number of desalination plants (some of them mysteriously shut after a huge investment) and we have water sent in from the Tajo/Segura canal.
We also appear to be using more water than ever before. Golf courses are notoriously thirsty, and so are giant plantations of olives, the plastic farms, our hotels and swimming pools.
What with an increased demand, leaks in the supply-pipes (an average of 25%),  a lack of rain and a few scams in the water business, we are running low.
Almería figures have been released for our two main reservoirs at Benínar and Cuevas, and they are down to just half of what they were at this time last year. They currently stand at just 6.25% of capacity - that's fourteen cubic hectometres. 

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