Saturday, 23 December 2017

Theresa May (Be Polite)

I found Theresa May's facebook page and wrote this:
Dear Mrs May - 1.2 million of your compatriots are living in another EU27 country and, therefore, under their aegis and laws. This includes me (Hello!, Merry Christmas). We are understandably uneasy about what may befall us - based (we imagine) on what may befall the EU citizens who are working or studying in the UK. We could lose our vote in local elections (I haven't had a vote - ever - in the British ones, and it is nice to be able to vote somewhere now and again). We will most probably lose the right to stand for local office in our adopted countries. Perhaps you could, with your influence, suggest that Brussels produces a European ID card or 'passport' (we remember the Nansen Passport of the 1920s) and allow us 'expatriates' to stay with whatever rights and privileges we currently enjoy. Muchas gracias y un saludo.


  1. You don't really think that Mrs May has any influence in Brussels, do you really? If us British ex-pats get a European passport it will be thanks to a Belgian, Dutch or German politician.