Saturday, 16 December 2017

Public Money, Private Ends

The Mojácar opposition parties PSOE, Somos Mojácar and UM10 have called for a special plenary session to understand how the town hall could pay out half a million euros of public money in 'gratificaciones' - tips, if you will - to certain town hall employees since 2009. The monies - your tax contributions - have not been distributed equally among the swollen town hall staff either.
The three opposition parties have also called for a visit by the Work Inspectors.
It's a peculiar town, Mojácar. Half the people who live there are foreign, with many of them being bilingual. The school, for the last forty years, has been full of foreign children - now grown up - yet none of these citizens have jobs in our swollen town hall (whose budget is currently around eleven million euros per year). 

Later: One of the new acquisitions planned for 2018 is a 12,000€ drone for the local police. This will be handy for chasing the house-burglars. 


  1. Jobs at the Town Hall are handed out by the people in charge of the Town Hall, i.e. the elected representatives of the voters. These representatives are elected by people who have registered themselves at the Town Hall, and who can be bothered to actually vote. If people can't be bothered to register themselves and can't be bothered to vote (and I'm talking about most of the guiris in your and my village) then they've got no come-back if they aren't proportionately represented in their Town Hall. So don't grumble at those selfish Spanish people, grumble at the lazy foreigners.

  2. You (Jan Frank) are right to an extent but it amazes me how the spanish themselves put up with such rubbish local councillors. Turre and Mojacar are badly run and have been since I arrived. Los Gallardos, luckily for me, is excellently run.