Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Mojácar, Mojitos and, ah, Family Tourism...

The Town Hall of Mojácar's plan to build the next stage of its sea wall, which will eat into (and presumably destroy) a number of beach bars, has met a brief snag, says a press release from that office.
The future stretch of the Paseo Maritimo, with its wall, its walkway, gardens, cycle path, lamps and access, together with its elevation, will be built between the road and the sea in the area between the Maui beach bar and the Red Cross building, where the hotel strip begins. The walkway will need to eat into the terrain of the existing beach-bars, the long-loved Aku Aku, El Cid, El Patio and the Maui (plus another couple of them who's names I've forgotten) thus incapacitating them forever. They will probably need to close down (or turn into narrow kiosks with a few bar stools and little view of the sea).
The Town Hall says that a lawsuit placed against them by the Maui beach-bar people has slowed the process down 'by a few months', but that the project will continue as 'it is in the interest of all the people of Mojácar'.
Indeed, says the press release, '...The Paseo Marítimo, as is well proven, is a must for any coastal tourist town. Due to the experience on the sections already built, it establishes adequate accessibility to the sea's edge, provides the beaches with services of showers, drainage, sanitation, public lighting, street furniture, gardening and playgrounds. In short, it creates an indispensable framework for tourism...'.
The key is in the final clause above. It's for the tourists.
And why do we need these tourists?
Why, for their money of course.

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