Friday, 24 March 2017

The Dutch Nob

Now and again, a Dutchman called Peter Janssen likes to paint his body with provocative words and to leap over the ruedas at the bullring to make his point of view made to, precisely, the people who are the least interested in the world in knowing it: that's to say, bullfight fans. He's done this, to date, on sixteen occasions.
The aficionados have paid their money to see a legal (and state-approved) cultural spectacle, only for Dutch Pete or one of his mates to make his tiresome statement.
It's, at the very least, a presumption that his view of things is better than anyone else's.
So, he gets fined. Anything from 300 to 30,000 euros, for being a twat. He doesn't care - a 'foreign charity' coughs up the boodle.
Understandably, the toro people are fed up.  We don't interrupt your football games with silly slogans about half-naked millionaires chasing after a bag of wind, they might almost be saying.
The 'FundaciĆ³n Toro de Lidia' have scraped together some dosh and gone to find some expensive lawyers, who in turn have come up with a cunning plan: Pete and his pals are now guilty of a form of violent coercion which is punishable by a jail term.
The Dutch crusader, currently in foreign parts, is now 'en busca y captura', which may help cool his jets if he ever returns to Spain.
El Mundo has more.

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