Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth Lasted Twenty One Years

There has been talk on the Facebook about what to call the UK after Brexit - whether as a whole, or (increasingly likely) as just a core. An England and Wales sort of thing.
Naturally, those in favour of the EU (known as 'The Remoaners' by their rivals) and those who like Brexit (increasingly referred to as 'The Quitlings') have very different ideas of how to call the Royaume once the shit has hit the fan (Wednesday. Looks at watch).
But, analysing the different characters of the leavers and the stayers, those who hate racism and pettifoggery versus those who see a bright (if a trifle misty) new country, free from the shackles of garlic-eating foreigners, I think that 'The Fatherland' would be an appropriate name for whatever emerges from the wreckage.
I've even written the first verse of the new anthem:

God save our Fatherland
Long live our Fatherland
God Save Us: Please.
Long Life in Bigotry,
Here where we Once were Free
Three Cheers for Penury
God Save Us: Please.

I'll need a second verse though...

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