Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hard News is Good to Find

There's hardly any coverage of the, well let's call it 'News Event of the Year', especially for the British ex-pats, to be found in today's Weeniegraph.
We mean of course the Black Wednesday, the departure of the UK from the European Union: the Brexit. Whatever happens, we know that it'll happen double to the British living in Europe.
We are treated instead to an editorial about an event outside the British Parliament last week when a brutish British lunatic drove into a crowd and knifed a policeman to death before meeting his own violent end. Turning to Leaky Lee's page, we discover that '...there are thousands more goat grabbing gnat brains out there waiting to step into his shoes'.
The inference being that many Muslims prefer a good goat-fuck over even the notorious 72 virgins ('...enslaved to comply with his every twisted fantasy...') that The Leaker seems so read up about.
It's not easy filling up the spaces between the adverts in a free-sheet, and good editors are scarce, but the question returns: is this newspaper serving the interests of its readers?
For proper news about Spain; no adverts, no fluff and above all, no Leaky Lee, you should turn to Business over Tapas (here).

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