Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fake News from the UK

From the sometimes fake news champion The Express: ‘Spain's EU exit on horizon as “only a miracle” can save nation from debt bubble bursting. Spanish university professors and economists are calling on Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to come clean over its debt burdens as calls for the country to leave the European Union grow’. Well, let’s see – one does: Roberto Centeno from the far-right Intereconomía group (Wiki). But even he makes no mention (nor can there be one) of Spain wanting to leave the EU.

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  1. You have to read the original Express article to get the full flavour. The article states that "The average Spanish family is crippled with £118,000 (€136,000) in debt" without giving any source for this figure, and then quotes "leading economist" Robert Centeno "What I am trying to say is that the total figure of the National Spanish debt is a huge lie. You just have to do the figures". Which is why the Daily Express feels that all Spanish citizens are absolutely determined to leave the EU. A lovely example of Fake News - no source, no proof, no reference, just assertions.