Friday, 24 March 2017

Beach Gravel - Not for Sitting on (though, in fairness, it does make a great sand-castle)

The beaches around here, from Mojácar to Cuevas, have just been refreshed by a large dump of sand for The Season. The timing wasn't perfect, as the last storm was still pulling the beach into the sea, but now everything is calm once again.
Except in The Ecologists' fur-lined beach-hut.
The sand, you see, isn't sea-sand, but rather comes from a gravel pit, say the tree-huggers. 15,000 square metres of gravel dust, stones, pebbles and anything in-between. Not the proper stuff.
Bad or uncomfortable for one's feet and under the bathing costume.
Furthermore, we read in Teleprensa that 'Ecologistas en Acción' reckon that the mix is mortal for the sea-dwelling fauna with which we are locally blessed.
...and so on. Those fur-lined beach-huts are expensive.
Our own opinion: Mojácar's shore-line gets very close near our famous beach-bars, and the master-plan of the Town Hall is to occupy a strip between the chiringuitos and the sea for their walk-way, bicycle lane and sundry other wonders. This will be a built-up rocky affair, looking delightful from the sea, but very crowded from the shore. The beach-bars will become kiosks, with no room to sling a hammock.
One answer to this is to make the beach wider at this point - with a small breakwater. The charming village of Costa Cabana, next to the airport, has just built eight breakwaters and their beaches are now fifty metres wide. No beach-bars of course, but lots of empty beach.
However, Mojácar doesn't do breakwaters (except where there are hotels). This could be from pressure, perhaps, by the many restaurants on the other side of the road?
So, we shall see how the Spring-break and the Easter crowd reacts to our sandy beaches. The next phase of the promenade will probably begin this coming winter...  

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