Friday, 12 January 2018

The Priors are Compensated (Slightly)

Much has been written (though not enough) about the terrible treatment of Len and Helen Prior at the hands of the authorities. Their home was arbitrarily torn down in Vera just a few days over ten years ago. Rather than scurrying back to whence they came, they stayed (much to the dismay of the politicians) and fought from the dubious comfort of their garage, which had a different licence and was excused from the demolition.
Now, following a number of court-cases, appeals and other legal acrobatics, the town hall of Vera says it will pay the family the finally agreed compensation (a third of what had been asked back in 2008). Furthermore, they will be coughing up in the next few days! Victory? Of a sort.


  1. Didnt the whole thing start when spaniards next door were offended and complained that the english could build and they couldnt?

  2. It all started because a small-time PSOE goon wanted to attract attention to himself by demolishing a house (owned by bloody furriners) in a town run by a small political party called the Partido Andalucista. No one wanted to mess with the PP or, of course, the PSOE, but the PA... The political point was duly made, and the province lost billions.