Thursday, 28 December 2017

The Numbers Don't Add Up

As far as I am able to set the record straight - this week's Weenie claims in a preening article that it has been 'published for 21 years', which would put issue Nº1 as coming out back in 1996. The numeration - 1695 - is a bit wonky for that claim as 1,695 weeks backwards takes one to the year 1985 when, of course, 'The Entertainer' started on a kitchen table in Mojácar.
The Entertainer was 'sold' in 1999, and the paper renamed as the EWN in 2002, although, misleadingly,  the old numeration continues to this day.
Basic fact-checking, Gentlemen.

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  1. Almost as bad as the Saturday Evening Post, which for years claimed it was started by Benjamin Franklin in 1728, whereas in fact the Post was first printed at the same printers (starting in 1821) used by Benjamin Franklin for his Pennsylvanean Gazette which ceased publication at about 1800. Or, to quote an eminently truthful publication "comment is free, but facts are sacred".