Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Almería Needs More Wind!

There a few uglier views, I think, than a giant windmill park. Those tall white propellers that gather on the tops of hills and provide electricity for our daily use. In Almería, which has enough electricity already thanks to the pollutive oil-fired horror in Carboneras, we are inexplicably blessed with a large and unfortunately visible collection of wind farms. Twenty four of them to be precise.
For those who would not agree with the first paragraph, some good news:
Almería is building more of these things to join the ones currently spinning away (and winking their red lights at night) in Serón, Vélez-Rubio, Abla, Abrucena, Nacimiento, Enix, Alboloduy, Turrillas, Tíjola and Las Tres Villas.
Thirty eight new parks are on the drawing board.
According to Almería Hoy (here), which declines to say where the new wind farms will be located,  'The energy generated by los parque eólicos currently produce enough energy to cover the needs of more than 700,000 citizens while avoiding the emission of about half a ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, equivalent to removing some 220,000 vehicles from service'.
So, with 62 populous wind farms stretching across the province, we should all soon be able to see a giant windmill or two from our balconies.
We wonder why we need so much energy - are they going to close the power station in Carboneras?

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  1. You have to choose
    1. nasty wind mills spoiling the view
    2. coal mines with people being killed and all sorts of nasty fumes into the clear sky
    3. gas and oil which causes fewer deaths than coal, and whose fumes are less nasty but still pretty 'orrible
    4. nuclear power stations producing waste products that will poison the earth for the next zillion years
    5. square kilometres of solar panels
    6. not use any electricity
    It's a tough choice