Thursday, 31 August 2017

First the Electric Bill, Now the Water

Just as La Voz de Almería tells us it has rained more in the last three days than in all the entire months of August, put together, from 1968 to 2016, with 53 litres per metre in Garrucha, we also read (in Almería Hoy) that the water people, Galasa, have put up the price of their product by anything up to 200% or more (the Macael prices went up by 245%, it says). Here in Mojácar, my bill, per litre, is up around 50% over the last one.
The PSOE blame the PP, says Almería Hoy. Funny, I remember when we had water from El Pinar, operated by Servamosa where we had to buy 'dotaciones' to be able to be considered a customer. I had seven for the farm. The PSOE created Galasa which 'absorbed' the installations from Servamosa. None of us who had dotaciones were ever reimbursed. There were said to be 10,000 of these shares, valued at 80,000 ptas each...
Now, who was it who ran Servamosa...?

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