Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Slow High-Speed Link

That railway-bed that lies between Turre and Los Gallardos, that's been there for several years now, is part of the AVE, the high-speed railway that will become, so they say, the Corridor of the Mediterranean. All those bridges. High speed trains don't do rises and drops and corners... they're going too fast, so the bed needs to be flat and straight.
Indeed, stretching off towards Almería, although not very far, the railbed passes through a couple of enormously expensive tunnels perforating the arid mountains, tunnels which have now been bricked up to stop the shepherds using them for shelter.
Going the other way, the future route just about makes it to Vera.
So, there's a lot to be done before the Almería to Murcia line is finished. Not that the Almería to Granada line is even started yet, but, patience.
Now we read that the builder of this Pharaonic endeavour, Adif, has cancelled their bid for the Cuevas to Pulpí chunk of the line.
Again, patience...

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